Hide Issuetypes in Create Issue Screen

by Garth Leavey on January 29, 2019

If you want to hide some issuetypes from certain users during the issue creation here is an easy solution!

For this solution you will need the CPrime Power Scripts plugin ( available HERE )

To do so, you will create a SIL (Power Script) with the following:


string project = "ISS"; //the project key
string pm = projectPM(project);
string[] forbiddenTypes = {"Bug", "Epic"}; //the array of the issue types to restrict

if(pm != currentUser()) {
lfRestrictSelectOptions("issueType", forbiddenTypes);


Then all you need to do is configure a 'Live Field' as detailed HERE to point to you Jira project and SIL Script.

If you have any issues let us know in the comments.

Topics: Atlassian Solutions