Why Upgrade Jira?

by Byron Barker on November 21, 2017

Atlassian is always very active in their Software updates, they typically release a minor enhancement every month with mostly bug fixes, and a more major one roughly ever quarter.  There are many reasons to upgrade your instance of Jira, some of which include:

- Access to new features:

- With every new version comes New Features!  These can be small or large most of which are features that are voted on at Jira.Atlassian.com.  Atlassian always does a great job at publishing their release notes

- Performance Improvements:

- Many of the Atlassian realeases have a focus on performance improvements.  A couple more notable examples are when they optimized Jira indexing, and decreased page load times for dashboards and issues.

- Bug Fixes:

- Along with every update comes some bug fixes.  Jira.Atlassian.com is a public Jira instance that Atlassian uses to track development on product bug fixes.  Their Jira instance is also used to channel feedback through a ticket voting system.

- Continued Support from Atlassian:

- Atlassian has a policy to provide support for all server products 2 years after a version is released.  Its always a good idea to make sure you remain in Atlassians support window.

I feel an upgrade can be broken down into 4 key components:




Research: information gathering, feedback, and approval
Preparation: relevant reading, checks, and communication
Testing: upgrade in staging environment and hold user acceptance testing
Execution: upgrade in production environment

SelectStar can assist with all aspects of an upgrade from the initial questions "Should I upgrade?", "What version should I upgrade too?" all the way through execution, post documentation and training.

If you have any questions or would like more details, feel free to Contact Us.


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