JIRA Datacenter - Change the Order of Workflow Transition Buttons

by Garth Leavey on October 5, 2017

One very common request from clients is to change the order of workflow buttons.  Why remember the syntax to do so when you can simply reference?

To change the order of transition buttons, including additional transitions in the  Workflow menu, add the property key  opsbar-sequence to each  workflow transition that you wish to reorder. Each  opsbar-sequence property key requires a property value that defines the order of the transition action on issue views.
  1. Go to the transition's properties, as described in Transition properties above.
  2. Type opsbar-sequence into the Property Key field, under 'Add New Property'.
  3. Type a value In the Property Value field, The value must be a positive integer (starting at '0'); it defines the order of the transition buttons on issue views.
    Consider using a sequence of opsbar-sequence property values like 10, 20, 30... to allow new transitions to be easily added later.
  4. Click Add.

Topics: JIRA, Atlassian Solutions